Where Rescue and Training go Paw in Hand

About Lead and Love Dog Rescue's Program

Lead and Love Dog Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) rescue that accepts dogs from local Shelters. Some of these dogs have behavioral issues which are preventing them from being adopted and ultimately leading to their demise. These dogs are placed in the Lead and Love Program and receive daily training by professional trainer and behaviorist, Steph Cooper.  During the first week of the program the dogs learn how to be dogs again and how to show trust and respect to humans and to each other.  The second and third weeks are spent learning the basics; sit, come, stay, down and how to walk properly on leash. The fourth week is spent doing in-home training.  The dogs in this program also learn how to deal with "real world" events like car rides and how to behave in public. When you adopt a dog from Lead and Love Dog Rescue you are doing more than just rescuing a dog, you are helping us to rescue another dog. There are many dogs just waiting to come into the program.  If you don't see the dog you are looking for on our website, contact us here and let us know what type of dog will meet your needs.  Remember, it's all about matching energy!


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