Where Rescue and Training go Paw in Hand

About Lead and Love Dog Rescue's Program

Hello!  We are Lead and Love Dog Rescue, a non-profit Foster Home Based 501c3 organization located in Central Oregon.  Our mission is to help local Shelters achieve a High Save status, something that we strongly believe is possible.  While some Rescue organizations "cherrypick" Shelters, leaving them with mostly unadoptable dogs, we focus our efforts on those dogs that are being overlooked by the public due to behavior issues.  We take those dogs, train them and/or rehabilitate them before adopting them out to loving families.  We are very proud of the work we do and we hope that you will help us in our mission to save more lives, alleviate the pressure on overcrowded Shelters and make No Kill a reality in our community.  Furthermore, we are an all-volunteer organization. No one takes a salary so that every penny goes to the dogs!  Thank you for adopting from Lead and Love!


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